Buyer Benefits

If you’re an active or retired member of a participating union, or the parent of child of one, you may be eligible for special purchase loan benefits.

As a Real Estate agent serving the Inland Empire since 2004, I am always looking for special value to bring/offer my clients.  So if you are considering a move, please inquire with me before you start working with another lender.

The benefits include a Mortgage Payment Assistance plan.  So in the event you experience an unexpected loss of income, you would receive an interest-free mortgage assistance loan or grant for up to 6 months, to eligible union members and their parents and children.  In addition to that, you would receive a gift/award of $500.00 after closing.

We all know in life, things happen!  Having a fall back plan/benefit like this is the ultimate peace of mind.  My team is ready to help you accomplish home ownership, layered with protection from the unknown.

Call me at 909-731-4750 or email me at – Be sure to tell me you think you’re eligible for these benefits.

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Scott Shepard