Are You Moving Out Of California?

The numbers are staggering!!  California residents with an income between 42,000 to 125,000 are leaving California in the masses – Since 2016, a 91% increase.  That is close to 700,000 people, and rising, who have left for greener pastures.  This represents the highest exodus rate in the nation.  When the questions are asked of these people why, the answers are many.  A couple common responses are – “we just can’t afford to stay” or “looking for a better quality of life”.

If that sounds like you, or if you have your own reason, let me help and guide you through that detailed transition.  There is a lot that goes into making a move out of state.  That can be one of the most overwhelming experiences of one’s life.  But that is where I come in.  I am licensed broker and a certified/trained Relocation Specialist with Windermere Real Estate.  I am an expert at assisting retirees, new hires, transferees, executives, and anyone wanting a fresh start out of state.

I offer superior service to my relocating clients.  It starts with assessing your timeline and goals in your transition.  If you own a home and need to sell, I would detail out my marketing plan and how to get you the most for your home.  At the same time, I would connect you with a top-notch agent through my network, to help you at your destination.  We can arrange for you to visit the areas you are interested and set up a tour of some homes that may be a fit for you.  The destination agent and I will both work in tandem to make sure your transition is painless and completely organized.  Keep in mind, that even if you don’t own a home, I can still help you find the right agent at your desired destination.

A HUGE value you receive when you list your home with me is my EXIT CA CREDIT.  This is money that I will give you at closing, that can be applied towards costs associated with your move.  This is something no other agent offers!

I created a simple spreadsheet that compares state income taxes (based on married filing jointly, making over $107,959 a year).  By moving to these states, you can see where you would get a raise, just on the money saved, compared to California. (CLICK HERE FOR ALL STATES)

Based On Married Filing Jointly – Income Greater Than $107,959
State Tax Owed
California >107,959 9.30% $10,040.28
Oregon >107,959 9.00% $9,716.31
Hawaii >107,959 8.25% $8,906.62
Idaho >107,959 7.40% $7,989.04
Montana >107,959 6.90% $7,449.17
Utah >107,959 5.00% $5,397.95
Colorado >107,959 4.63% $4,998.50
Arizona >107,959 4.24% $4,577.46
Nevada >107,959 0.00% $0.00
Washington >107,959 0.00% $0.00


About Scott Shepard

Windermere Real Estate Tower Properties offers the highest quality representation in the industry. Committed to a client-centric philosophy of achieving excellence through serving their community, Windermere Real Estate Tower Properties helped close to 600 families with their real estate goals in 2017 alone.

Scott Shepard exemplifies this commitment to client care by bringing his extensive experience working with buyers and sellers throughout the Inland Empire since 2004.  Recognizing that a real estate transaction is often the largest financial decision most people make in their lifetime, he decided to pursue studying for, and successfully passing his California Broker’s exam. Scott is a student of the market and brings this unique insight to his clients, which allows them to work together to craft a strategy tailored around his client’s needs.

Scott grew up in Corona and now lives with his wife and two sons in the Woods Streets community of Riverside. He attended Riverside Community College (RCC) and California Baptist University, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree. During his time in school, he played baseball and after graduation, he joined the coaching staff at RCC assisting Coach Dennis Rogers with the 2001 State Champion Club. Scott brings this coaching style to his real estate practice by helping his clients truly understand the process, so they have all the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.


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